Arkansas Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

In 1993, the Arkansas Legislature approved Amendment 1049 to Act 511, establishing Arkansas as the first state in the nation to develop a State Hazard Mitigation disaster fund of $1 million. The goal of the program is to assist county governments that have suffered repetitive disaster losses. This is accomplished by funding projects that permanently solve these repetitive problems.

The Arkansas Hazard Mitigation Grant Program is available for all counties to use. Every year County Judges are encouraged to apply for projects within their jurisdiction. Created by Amendment 1049 and 116 to Act 511, the Arkansas Mitigation program provides funding for projects in counties that have had repetitive damage situations, whether it is from floods, wind storms, earthquakes or other types of disaster. State Mitigation programs challenge counties to select priority sites where repetitive damages occur and find permanent solutions to these problems. Completed projects have saved thousands of dollars. As more projects are funded, the savings to Arkansas will continue to grow.

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