Typically involves a declared disaster, which requires an extensive State response. The SEOC is fully staffed.
Involves an event that has become, or is becoming, an emergency or disaster and requires significant State response and possible Federal response and recovery assistance (local government capabilities are clearly exceeded). The functional positions in the EOC are at least partially staffed. Emergency Support agencies are alerted and may report to the EOC. The Governor may declare a State of Emergency.
Involves any event that has the potential to develop into an emergency or disaster. A limited staff will be in place in the SEOC staffed with ADEM Duty Officer along with ADEM Operations and or the ADEM Staff Duty Officer.
Involves an event likely to be within the capabilities of local government and results in only limited. Typical daily activities continue while the event is monitored. Notification is limited to those State agencies that have normal day-to-day emergency responsibilities or regulatory requirements.
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