Arkansas State Fire & EMS Services

Fire Services Mission Statement
Enhancing the fire prevention and response capabilities of Arkansas fire departments through grants administration, technical assistance and information support.

Fire Services Office Provides
  • A liaison for Arkansas fire departments to ADEM and other state agencies
  • Administration of the Act 833 grant program for Arkansas Fire Departments
  • Carry out administrative functions and directives from the Arkansas Fire Protection Services Board
  • Certification of Arkansas fire departments in accordance with Act 833 of 1991
  • Provide technical assistance to Arkansas fire departments
  • Provide grant application/administration support to Arkansas fire departments
  • Support for the development of new fire departments
  • Fire service training information
  • Coordinate with Region VI on scheduling and placement of FEMA Workshops

Kendell Snyder
Phone: 501-683-6700
Fax: 501-683-7890