State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC)

SEOC 1.29.15


Arkansas purchased WebEOC in May 2009. This software is our primary incident management software. The system has been built from the ground up with Arkansas’s Processes in-mind. All new WebEOC users will receive introductory training when usernames and passwords are issued but we strongly encourage users to attend additional training seasons to further their understanding of the system and increase their ability to put to use the full capabilities of the system.

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The SEOC supports local jurisdictions by providing requested resources, information, advice, strategic assistance, and communication. The SEOC implores the use of NIMS and ICS as the basic concept for operation and can be activated at one of four activation levels which allows for flexibility to match the manpower requirements commiserate with the mission requirements.

As the core component of the SEOC, ADEM staff (ESF #5) has been assigned a variety of responsibilities in the SEOC and ADEM staff members have been made aware of their areas of responsibility. Since ADEM staff has a limited number of people to place into action, the inclusion of ESFs beginning in 2008 has greatly enhanced the operations of the SEOC.

The ESF component of the SEOC is made up of the 15 ESFs that support the SEOC operation.


ESF #1 – Transportation ESF #6 – Mass Care, Housing and Human Services ESF #11 – Agriculture and Natural Resources
ESF #2 – Communications ESF #7 – Resource Support ESF #12 – Energy
ESF #3 – Public Works and Engineering ESF #8 – Public Health and Medical Services ESF #13 – Public Safety and Security
ESF #4 – Firefighting ESF #9 – (Urban) Search and Rescue ESF #14 – Long-term Community Recovery and Mitigation
ESF #5 – Emergency Management ESF #10 – Oil and Hazardous Materials Response ESF #15 – External Affairs


SEOC Organizational Chart


SEOC Activation Levels


Level 4 Activation – Normal Operations

Level 3 Activation – Increased Preparedness

Level 2 Activation – Limited Activation

Level 1 Activation – Full Activation


Useful Links


WebEOC Log In

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Arkansas’ Business Emergency Listing (ABEL) Registration

Emergency Disaster Proclamation Form

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