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The Director’s Office is comprised of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) Director, Deputy Director, Public Relations Office, Administrative Staff and other personnel as may be assigned to support the management of ADEM.

The Director’s Office establishes and administers policies and procedures governing emergency management in Arkansas. These responsibilities include reviewing and executing agreements, contracts, and other documents between state and federal authorities for provision of funds and services related to emergency management programs. This office serves as a liaison between ADEM and the 77 local offices of emergency management and coordinates with senior officials of federal, state, and local governments, and entities within the private sector that have roles and responsibilities for emergency management.

The Public Relations Office serves as a point of contact for the public and media and is responsible for public education on disaster preparedness and response. Staff are also responsible for monitoring traditional and social media and developing outreach programs therein.

Director’s Office staff attends conferences and meetings as guest speakers, addressing topics particular to the needs of the requesting group. Informational and educational materials are passed out to the public through booths set up at fairs, conferences, and workshops as well as through coordination with local emergency managers in an effort to keep the public informed and prepared.



The Administration Division manages internal operations of the Agency by administering grant programs, monitoring human resource policies and procedures and encouraging pre-disaster protections through mitigation practices.



The Preparedness Division readies the State’s response to emergencies and disasters by developing plans, training responders and exercising actions.


Response and Recovery

The Response and Recovery Division oversees initial responses to and recovery from emergencies and disasters by coordinating state agencies, local government and first-responder efforts


Communications and Support

The Communications and Support Division maintains the Agency’s infrastructure and equipment resources by coordinating, guiding and assisting local, state and national agencies’ use of technology.


Federal Surplus Property

Federal Surplus Property Division controls the transfer of equipment, furnishings, equipment and other items to qualified government and quasi-government entities, as well as other certified organizations.

Federal Surplus

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