Shelter Rebate Program to close after July 17

North Little Rock, Ark. – The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) Shelter Rebate Program will postpone accepting applications after July 17, 2013.   The program will remain closed until further funding is made available.  Applications must be received or postmarked by July 17, 2013 to be considered for this funding cycle.  Applications postmarked after July 17, 2013, will be returned to their respective County Office of Emergency Management.  Applications that are received by July 17, 2013, but not funded on this cycle, will be held at our office and will be given priority when/if future funding becomes available.  For more information about the program, please visit our website

The Arkansas Legislature approved the Shelter Rebate Program to receive $1,250,000 for the fiscal year.  The program provides a reimbursement to Arkansas homeowners who install a tornado shelter at their primary residence.  Reimbursements will be 50% of the associated costs or $1,000, whichever is less.  Since it is a rebate program, the shelter has to be installed before you apply. Shelters need to be built to the specifications in FEMA Publication 320.  When the shelter is finished, contact your Local Emergency Management (EM) Coordinator. He/she verifies that the shelter/safe room has been installed and completes the bottom of the application form.

These are the documents that are needed for the rebate:

  1. Completed application form. The applicant/homeowner will complete and sign Part I, and the Local EM Coordinator will complete and sign Part II.
  2. If it is an above ground shelter or safe room, the certification/affidavit form must be completed by your builder and notarized, stating that the safe room was built to the specifications of FEMA Publication 320. (This step is not necessary for in-ground shelters.)
  3. Proof of cost and payment – Copies of invoices and/or receipts, along with proof of payment; i.e., canceled checks, credit card receipt, cash receipts.
  4. Pictures showing the inside connections on the door and the hinges. The door needs to have 3 hinges and 3 slide bolts or 3 dead bolts.
  5. Picture of the ventilation.

    Eligibility is limited to individuals who own their home at the time of application and who have installed an above-ground safe room or in-ground shelter after January 21, 1999. ADEM will provide reimbursement for cost associated with individual above-ground safe rooms or in-ground shelter installation. 

    Below are Safe Room/Shelter Program information sheets and applications available to download and print.

Below is a Powerpoint presentation with more information about individual Safe Room shelters.

For more information please contact Brenda Wilson