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Arkansas WMD/Suspicious Package Response

The WMD/Suspicious Package Response Guidelines were established with collaboration among multiple state, federal & local agencies and developed to provide first responders & HazMat Teams with standardized guidelines for response to a potential WMD/suspicious package/substance. The guidelines consist of:

  • First Responder Flow Chart: Provides the first responder with basic information & a notification flow chart in the event they respond to a potential WMD/Suspicious Package/Substance incident.
  • HazMat Technician-WMD/Suspicious Package/Substance Response Guidelines: Provides HazMat Technicians with detailed information for responding to a WMD/Suspicious package/substance incident. The guidelines include information on equipment, capabilities, sampling technique & packaging procedures, as well as chain of custody & transport. Training on the guidelines consist of a one day lecture & is specific to HazMat Technicians.

For more information or to request training please email HSGP@adem.arkansas.gov.

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