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Arkansas Fire and EMS Services

2018 Act 833 Application Package

Fire Services Mission Statement

Enhancing the fire prevention and response capabilities of Arkansas fire departments through grants administration, technical assistance and information support.

Fire Services Office Provides

  • Coordinate with Region VI on scheduling and placement of FEMA Workshops
  • Fire service training information
  • Support for the development of new fire departments
  • Provide grant application/administration support to Arkansas fire departments
  • Provide technical assistance to Arkansas fire departments
  • Certification of Arkansas fire departments in accordance with Act 833 of 1991
  • Carry out administrative functions and directives from the Arkansas Fire Protection Services Board
  • Administration of the Act 833 grant program for Arkansas Fire Departments
  • A liaison for Arkansas fire departments to ADEM and other state agencies
  • For Information Concerning Training: 
    Arkansas Fire Training Academy
    14668 AR Hwy 203/P.O. Box 3499
    Camden, AR 71701
    870-574-1521 Office
    870-574-0817 Fax
    Log on to Web Site: 

Arkansas Forestry Commission


Arkansas Department of Emergency Management

833 Funding ADEM Certifiable Training accepted by the Arkansas Fire Academy

Arkansas Fire Protection Services Board

View the Arkansas Fire Protection Services Board Meeting Minutes.

Arkansas Department of Emergency Management:
Building 9501 Camp Joseph T. Robinson
North Little Rock, AR 72199

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