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Homeland Security Grant Program

The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management serves as the State Administrative Agency (SAA) for the Homeland Security Grants Program (HSGP). The HSGP is funded by the Department of Homeland Security/FEMA to enhance local, state & national terrorism & all hazards preparedness among first responders through planning, training, exercises & equipment acquisition. The Homeland Security Branch within ADEM administers the Arkansas HSGP and works with multiple partners & stakeholders throughout the state and nationally.

 HSGP Projects:

Based on state capabilities & the HSGP Guidance, the Arkansas HSGP supports the maintenance & enhancement of specific projects designed to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, & recover from acts of terrorism & other catastrophic events. Each asset must be readily deployable to support emergency or disaster operations through the state & nation. Projects currently supported through HSGP consist of:

  • IED Detection & Deterrence through FBI Accredited Bomb Squads
  • Law Enforcement SRT/SWAT response to acts of terrorism
  • Urban Search & Rescue (USAR)
  • HazMat/WMD response to acts of terrorism
  • Arkansas State Fusion Center
  • Active Shooter Preparedness & Response
  • Citizen Preparedness/Citizen Corps Program (CCP)
  • Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS)

 Grants Processing:

ADEM serves as the State Administrative Agency (SAA) for the HSGP. The daily administration of the HSGP is the responsibility of the Homeland Security (HS) Branch. The HS Branch staff work daily with federal, state, & local jurisdictions to ensure HSGP funds are expended in accordance to state & federal requirements & grant guidelines while utilizing funds to maximize Homeland Security Preparedness throughout the state & nation.   For more information concerning the HSGP please contact HSGP@adem.arkansas.gov

  • Budgets:

Jurisdictions awarded HSGP funds are required to submit a completed budget worksheet to the HS Branch for review and approval. Only approved budget items will be reimbursed.

  • JRR:

Requests for reimbursement must have the Jurisdiction Request for Reimbursement (JRR) attached to each request. A separate JRR should be attached to EACH transaction.

  • P25 Compliance:

HSGP funded communications equipment must be P25 Compliant.

  • EHP:

HSGP funded projects that have the potential to impact the environment, including but not limited to communication towers, modification of existing buildings, structures & facilities, must comply with Federal Environmental Planning & Historic Preservation (EHP) regulations. EHP Review Request Attached.

Grant Closeout:

Upon final expenditure of sub-awarded Fiscal Year (FY) HSGP funds, the jurisdiction may request closeout of the grant.


To ensure awardees are in compliance with state and federal guidelines, the HSGP requires monitoring of awarded projects. Monitoring is primarily conducted through a site visit which consists of but not limited to:

  • Reviewing documentation associated with the grant award
  • Verifying the proper handling of the reimbursed funds
  • Viewing purchased equipment and inventory
  • Providing technical assistance as needed
  • Advising, if necessary, ways to improve administration of the HSGP

If you have questions about HSGP monitoring, or would like to request a monitoring visit, please contact the ADEM Homeland Security Branch at HSGP@adem.arkansas.gov or go to:

Monitoring Request Form 


The HSGP guidelines require an inventory of all resources acquired through HSGP funding. ADEM requires all awarded jurisdictions, prior to receiving reimbursement, to enter new equipment into ADEM’s inventory database. The login and signup page for the inventory database can be found at: Please Click Here to Access the Database

New accounts for the inventory database are approved by the Homeland Security Branch. For questions or technical assistance relating to the database contact HSGP@adem.arkansas.gov.

NOTE: All HSGP purchased equipment must be inventoried & records must be maintained for 3 years after the Official Federal Close of the grant. The Official close is different from the Period of Performance. Below are the inventory release dates for the past HSGP Fiscal Years:

FYClosed by DHSInventory Release Date
FY03May 26, 2011May 26, 2014
FY03 IIJune 10, 2008June 10, 2011
FY04March 29, 2012March 29, 2015
FY05March 29, 2012March 29, 2012
FY06Dec. 20, 2011Dec. 20, 2014
FY07March 12, 2012March 12, 2015
FY08February 19, 2013February 19, 2016
FY09July 30, 2013July 30, 2016
FY10March 4, 2014March 4, 2017


Open HSGP Grants:

Each HSGP funded awarded has a specific Period of Performance. During this period, budgets are submitted and funds expended following budget approval and formal release from ADEM. By the end date of the Period of Performance, all obligations must be completed. No requests for reimbursement may be made after the close of this period. Each awarded grant has a different Period of Performance & is stated in each award letter. Below are current/open grants:

Grant Year                                          Open                      State Close           Federal Close     

FY13 SHSGP / LETPA   9/1/13                    10/31/14                               8/31/15

FY14 SHSGP/LETPA                       9/1/14                    12/31/15                               8/31/16

NOTE: All HSGP purchased equipment must be inventoried & records must be maintained for 3 years after the Official Federal Close of the grant. The Official close is different from the Period of Performance. Please see “Inventory Release Dates” for more information.


Contact Information:


Homeland Security Branch

Phone: 501-683-6700             Fax: 501-683-7890

Branch Email:     HSGP@adem.arkansas.gov


Homeland Security Branch Manager

Kathy Wright



Homeland Security Fiscal/Program Coordinator

Tim Reavis



Homeland Security Program Coordinator/State CCP Coordinator

Gary Ragen



SLIGP/Homeland Security Program Coordinator

Trey Gray



Fires & EMS Coordinator

Kendell Snyder



Administrative Assistant


Arkansas Department of Emergency Management:
Building 9501 Camp Joseph T. Robinson
North Little Rock, AR 72199

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